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Are you facing foreclosure on your home? Don't go it alone!

Foreclosure is an extremely stressful circumstance, 
but luckily you don't have to face it alone!  You can rely on Greg Dunn to help you:
  • Prevent the loss of your home
  • Help you negotiate more affordable loan payments
Over the last two decades, many American homeowners have ended up in a situation that they may never have expected to: behind on their mortgage payments and facing the threat of foreclosure. Foreclosure is a frightening word. But foreclosure itself is a process, not an end result, and there are many things a homeowner facing foreclosure can do to forestall and reverse the process.

You can stop foreclosure immediately and automatically by filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection. Filing of the case results in an “automatic stay” which means that anything done by a creditor the minute after your case is filed is void, not voidable. No “if” or “maybe” about it. In a classic Chapter 13, the homeowner starts making the regular payment on his home mortgage and makes a plan payment to the Chapter 13 Trustee. The amount you are behind or the “arrears” are paid by the plan payment in a plan over 3-5 years.  

Let us help you prevent foreclosure!

Save Your House From Foreclosure Save Your House From Foreclosure With Loan Modification Saving Your House From Foreclosure Through Debt Relief

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