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We’re Honolulu, HI’s experts in bankruptcy law, debt settlements, home foreclosures and garnishments

Don't fight it alone
At Greg Dunn, Bankruptcy Attorney in Honolulu, HI, we've been able to build our reputation as the Honolulu area's finest bankruptcy law firm by always staying up to date with bankruptcy law. As the world progresses, even older laws can have new relevance, and that's why our focus on bankruptcy law is so important: So we can make sure our clients get the best legal representation possible when it comes to cases of bankruptcy, home foreclosures or garnishments.

Understanding bankruptcy

In any bankruptcy case, there will be two primary parties: the debtor and the creditor. Each of these parties has certain rights and obligations where bankruptcy law is concerned. Debts can be considered secured, such as a debt for a house or automobile (the house or vehicle would be the collateral for such a debt) or unsecured, such as a credit card debt. In most bankruptcy cases there will often be more than one creditor involved. Our team at Greg Dunn, Bankruptcy Attorney in Honolulu is here to help you understand all of this.

Save your home from foreclosure

The last thing anyone needs is to be faced with the unsettling news of a home foreclosure. Luckily, at Greg Dunn, Bankruptcy Attorney, we know how to stop a foreclosure and save your home. When you're behind on your mortgage payments, maintenance fees, or association dues on your home and don't know which way to turn, filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy may just be your ticket to stability. Don't wait until it's too late — call the experts in bankruptcy law and home foreclosures here in Honolulu and hang on to your home!

Debt settlement, credit counseling and garnishments

If you have suffered extreme financial loss and need to settle debts, we can provide financial solutions for you to get back on your feet. We want nothing more than for you to get back to your life and family. Don't let unwanted debts hound your every waking moment! Take action today! 

Are the creditors nipping at your heels for money? Can you sense your credit card debt looming above your head like a giant charcoal cloud? Call Greg Dunn, Bankruptcy Attorney in Honolulu today for life-saving legal advice in debt relief. We know garnishments like the back of our hand. We've fought numerous cases in court and won, and we'll do it again for you.
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