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When it comes to bankruptcy law, you need to be sure that you choose a team that's on your side. At Greg Dunn, Bankruptcy Attorney, we pride ourselves on being the finest bankruptcy law firm in the Honolulu, HI area and Oahu. Our reputation as being the most dedicated, committed, and excellent bankruptcy law firm has been earned through our commitment to clients just like you.

If you're being faced with the decision to file for bankruptcy, come and see us before you do anything. Our team will offer you a free personalized consultation based on your individual situation. We'll guide you to the solutions that are best for you by offering sound legal advice. For more information, call us in Honolulu to make an appointment, and we'll get started.
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Honolulu, HI's Premier Bankruptcy Attorney

Our Services

Greg Dunn, Bankruptcy Attorney provides comprehensive legal advice and guidance for individuals and businesses. Our experienced attorney can help you with matters of:

  •  Bankruptcy law 
  •  Garnishments 
  •  Debt settlements 
  •  Loan modifications
  •  Save your home from foreclosure

Contact our bankruptcy law firm to obtain a professional attorney to assist you with all legal matters in Honolulu today.
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Our Team

At Greg Dunn, Bankruptcy Attorney, we pride ourselves on being the very best bankruptcy law firm in the Honolulu area. Our highly trained bankruptcy lawyer, Greg Dunn, has over 25 years of experience, and has filed over 12,000 Bankruptcy cases since 1996. He is here to guide you through the whole process effortlessly and compassionately. If you are in need of an attorney in Honolulu, contact our friendly staff at Greg Dunn, Bankruptcy Attorney for quality legal advice at rates you can afford.


  • Martin K.

    " I was scammed on the internet for a lot of money. I was in debt over $50,000 dollars because of this. I called Greg Dunn for a free consultation to see how he could help me. I felt comfortable with what Mr. Dunn had recommended in filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy to help provide relief with my debts. The debt I had to deal with has been quite an ordeal for me and my family this past year with the financial burden that was on my shoulders.

    I would highly recommend Greg Dunn to help you with your financial hardship either filing for bankruptcy or debt settlement. I found Greg easy to work with and he explained the entire bankruptcy process from start to finish to me. He always answered my calls (day or night) and always had sound advice for me. I had to go to a deposition which was quite scary. Greg was there through both parts of my deposition and provided me the professional support I needed.

    Greg just called me today and told me that I'm gonna be getting a discharge from my debt that I was scammed on. WOW - what a RELIEF!

    Thank you very much Greg Dunn for your service. My friends were right in telling me that Greg Dunn gets the job done!"

    Mahalo --

  • CT

    "I was being levied by the State of Hawaii for $1200.00 a month and when I heard about what you could do for me at your free consultation, I decided to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy to stop the levy and consolidate all my debts into one small monthly payment. Now, I can sleep better at night. I am very satisfied with your service." --

  • Rodney

    "Thank you so much for saving my house from foreclosure. I have my son living with me and it is important that we continue to have a safe place to live. I enjoyed working with you and your staff as you made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process of filing for a Chapter 13 to save my home."

    Much Mahalo! --

  • CF

    "I had a lot of debt which included credit cards, student loans and personal loans. I had a hard time keeping up with the monthly payments to my creditors on my monthly income. With the high interest, I was barely staying ahead of my monthly payments. Student loan was calling me and I was concerned they would garnish my pay.

    A friend of mine told me to go and see Attorney Greg Dunn for a free consultation to see how he could help me. Mr. Dunn is very easy to work with and explained the entire bankruptcy Chapter 13 process to me. I filed for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy to consolidate my debts and student loans and am in a better position today thanks to Attorney Dunn.

    No more phone calls from my creditors and no worries my pay will get garnished by student loan. My friend highly recommended Attorney Dunn and so am I." --

  • EB

    "After speaking with Mr. Dunn, I decided to file for bankruptcy, a chapter 7 to wipe out my debts and get a fresh start. With Mr. Dunn's experience and compassion, he has helped me tremendously get through the process of filing and provide me that chance to restart my life.

    I would recommend Mr. Dunn as he is easy to work with, has a ton of bankruptcy knowledge and experience." --

  • Todd & Tina

    "We are so thankful for all your help. Our lives are turning around and the new start is because of all your help." --

  • GR

    "Thank you for everything you have done for the family. You and your assistant have been great and easy to work with. The garnishment has stopped and we can now get back to normal. Our money is still a little tight but we look forward to a debt free year for us.

    Much mahalo" --

  • Chris

    "I want to thank you Mr. Dunn for representing me. I was very satisfied with the way you handled my case. I will call you again if I need legal advice. Also, I will tell my friends and family about you and how good you are." --

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